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Friday, April 15, 2016

2016[16]Q -- Ins-Net Qs for Apr 15, 2016: RMS Titanic Tales!

Insomniac-Net Questions -- Friday[16], Apr 15, 2016
Tonight's Topic: RMS Titanic Tales!
    Good morning/evening, everybody! Thank you for joining us tonight.
    We hope you'll discover something interesting during the time we spend together on the Insomniac Net for the next 90+ minutes.
        -- The ever-delightful Shelley [KF7TBA] and just plain old LW [K7LWA] (email K7LWA.INS@gmail.com).
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     One-hundred and four years ago --  on April 15, 1912 -- the tragedy of the sinking of the "Unsinkable" RMS Titanic occurred.
    SInce that moment the Titanic hit that iceberg, the events of that night have provided the world with an endless litany of personal stories, miracles, and heart-aches for anybody whoever hears the word "Titanic".
    Accordingly, we explore some of these stories tonight in the 3 questions which follow.
    Please choose your answers from any of the 3 (reuseable) answers of "A", "B", or "C" (if applicable!) for each of the following question  
    Ok, dig out your scuba gear, or your fish & chips, and/or your personal copy of James Cameron's "Titanic" epic -- let's get wet!
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++ RMS Titanic Tales! ++
Question #1Who was Millvina Dean -- and what's her Titanic story?
        A. She was the only surviving member (niece) of her millionaire family -- who owned the famous store: Macy's, or
        B. She was the last living survivor of the sinking, until she died in 2009, or
        C. She was a prostitute (stow-away) who later sold her Titanic survivor story to the New York Tribune (a Hearst paper) for $50,000.
Question #2: Who was Violet Jessop -- and what's her Titanic story?
        A. She was the youngest passenger (9 months of age) to survive the tragedy, or
        B. She worked as a stewardess on the Titanic, who survived disasters on all three of the Olympic-class ocean liners (the Olympic, the Titanic, and the Britannic), or
        C. She was the actress who played the role of "Old Rose" in Cameron's film "Titanic".
Question #3: Who was Jeremiah Burke -- and what's his Titanic story?
        A. He was the Wireless Operator (2nd Class) who sent out Titanic's distress calls to all the ships at sea for assistance, or
        B. He was the passenger fabled to have thrown a despairing message in a bottle from the decks of the sinking Titanic, which washed up near his home over a year later, or
        C. He was the only passenger who was murdered by one of the ship's stewards for trying to sneak into a lifeboat saved for "Women and children only".
++ QUOTE FromThis Day In History ++ -- Anon... "Ever get that sinking feeling?"

Questions = 2016[16]Q-- Ins-Net Qs for Apr 15, 2016: RMS TitanicTales!
Answers = 2016[16]A-- Ins-Net As for Apr 15, 2016: RMS Titanic Tales!
Please include you name, Callsign, and those correct answers.
Good luck everyone!
Shelley [KF7TBA] & LW [K7LWA]
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Tonight's CALL LIST
INS2016[16]-04-15 [2016-106]
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Pending (else TTFN) -- also those with (*)
Need 2nd Check-In to get on List
||| -- Net Controllers & WhizKids (regular Check-Ins) [+5-10 mins]
KE6LGE    Big Al
KG6PH    Chuck
N5ZUA    Steve
K4GET    Ronald 
K6TAV    Tom
KI7CJY    Christina
W7PRV    Shi
N6MGW    Herb
||| -- Alternate Net Controllers (Will Call)
K6LBL    Linda
AF6EQ    Russell
K6CBR    Bryan 
KF6HBU    Roger
KG6JJM    June
KE7ULC    Ron
KF7FCQ    Joy
K6JSI    Shorty
N6WI    Uncle Terry
K6IXQ    Scott
K6KYA    Steve
||| -- Long Time Friends
KI6MAH    Paige
VE6PWT    Bob
KI6JIP    Bud
KE6UHG    Dan & Wink
K4LES    Les
KD4JMV    Harry
K7ZH    Bob Miller
KB7EM    Howard
KH6GKK    Paul
N7WNS    Will
K7KFG    Kurt
K6PMS    Phil
KC8TJV    Marilyn
KL7ES    Paul
KD6LOG    Cheryl
KO6GS    Darrell
W7NLV+    Joyce
W7NLV     Don
[[ Re-READ? ]]   [+20-25 mins]
||| -- OVER THERE    
DU9/G8IRC David+Rose+Max
VK5ZEA    Michael
JS1LQI    Masa
JN2UNC    Toshiaki (Toshi)
JF1UCX    Robbie
||| -- EAST, CEN, MTN, AZ Coasts       [+30-35 mins]
KD5PUR    Andrew
AC2NW    Mike
VA3KVI    Kevin
KK4HGE    Hector
KM4OGT    Jaron
KK5KE    Larry
KG5IOK    Terry
KF5WFB    Elisha
KF5GXZ Ramey
KF5GXZ    Ramey
W3NH    Owen
K4DXY    David
N4MYI   Jeremy
KF4FVH    Curtis
W4JGD    Glenn*
K7CAE    Chuck
N0STY    Nasty
||| -- Beav & Duck Lands   [+40-45 mins]
W7MTL    Craig
W7FIF    Mary
WA7ABU    Dan
W7DWE    Don
KA7NDI    Candace
K7VFO    Jeremy
N7DKB    Debra
NW7OR    Richard
K7TRX    Henry
KG7CSS    Richard
KE7VWX    Everett
KG7EMK    Marty
KE7QXR    Russel
KA5ACE    Patrick
KF6FYD    Richard
||| -- WA Territory    
KF7PCL    John
K7PIA    Philip
KG7ODB    Dean
KF7TCA    Marty
K7BRH    Ron
KG7PVX    Jim
AD7TM+    Linda
AD7TM    Bill
N7QLM    Eldon
VA7XNL    Sheldon
VA7CLP    Cody
VE7SXM    Steve
||| -- Points West+Up       [+50-55 mins]
KK6EDW+ Kate
KK6EDW    Brian
W6TCD    Ben
W6TL    Tony
KI6GVY    Anthony
KJ6YAO    Jack
KK6HVR    Joanie
KK6KOH    Mark
KK6HWN    Paul
KK6IMI    Ruben
W9KKN    Bill
K6LMR+    Sandra
K6LMR    Lou
K1KMO    Kevin
W6IFN    Steve
K6JRD    John
KK6WFJ    Terry
AA6TT    Mike
KK6YGP    Joseph
N6CCW    John
KC6FLB    Lance
KB6TR    Terry
KB6WR    Steve
W6RBC    Barry
KI7SY    Frank
W7RCL+    Jean
W7RCL    Ron
W6CMR    Craig
KK6SNB    Vince
KK6UZH    Jon
N6PUL    John
WD6AJR    David
KK6ZLH    Patrick
KK6WUA+ Melissa
KK6WUA    Robert
KI6INW    John
KG7KA+    Kathy
KG7KA    Loren
KK6IPR    Charles
WH6FAO    Peter
KK6RYJ+ Cynthia
KK6RYJ    Gary
WH6BY    Al
N7WF    Jim
KE6AZO    John
KK6ZTV    Mark
KK6WUB    Doug
K6AJY    Bryan 
KE6KOI    Ben
KD7WPI    Nick
KI6WTI    Jim
KK6KFV    Billy
KJ6IQV    Denzil
W6SEW    Steve
KK6KFO    Jeff
K7SCE    Scott
KK6PGL    Mike
KJ6PQH    Ron
KG6IDG    Garrett
AF7XB    Craig
W8JVF    James
KB3ICC    Jason
||| -- NEW Last Week       [+1:10 - 1:20 hr]
K7ZOM    Julie
KG7BYC    Art & Joyce
||| -- PENDING   [+1:10 - 1:20 hr]
W7BFF    Charles
KD7UAH    Randall
K7FAY    John
AF7WJ    Curtis
AG6KS    James
KF5GXZ    Ramey
KC7PJI    Tracey
KI6YMX    Michael
NX7Q    Robert
[[ NODE DROP ]]?
||| -- EMAIL/Late 
KB2LEN    Len
VE4WKB    Bill
VA7RJE    Rob
KL7WM    Daniel
KL7WM+    Dianna
WB6CSH    Mike
KE7FTV    Lori
AE7AN    Al
KF4MXS    Mark
VA7CJB    Jonathan + CaCw
KG7NQO    Kelly
KK6KBI    Margie
K6PET    Tom
KG7GVO    Bruce
KG5BRE    Mickey
KR6CV    Stan
KG7FHE    Steve
KE7ZMJ    Tom
[[ Re-READ? ]]
[[ Late, Missed, or New ]]     [+1:15 - ? hr]
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