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Friday, March 14, 2014

2014[11]Q -- Ins-Net Qs for Mar 14, 2014_Mixed Bag -- #07: Who's Who -- Sylvia Beach

Insomniac-Net Questions -- Friday[11], Mar 14, 2014
Tonight's Topic: "Mixed Bag of 3 Trivia Questions -- #07: Who's Who -- Sylvia Beach"
    Good morning/evening, everybody! Thank you for joining us tonight.
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     For tonight's Net, we have selected 3 Trivia questions about Sylvia Beach, whose was born on this day -- March 14, 1887.
        How much do you know about this famous, literary woman?

    Please give us your best answers from any of the 3 (reuseable) answers of "A", "B", or "C" (if applicable!) for each question.  
      ++ "Mixed Bag of 3 Trivia Questions -- #07: Who's Who -- Sylvia Beach" ++
Question #1: Who was Sylvia Beach?
        A. Married to the British poet, Ted Hughes, she was an American writer who belonged to the Confessional poetry (i.e., the poetry of the personal or "I." style) movement, or
        B. As an American living in Paris, Sylvia started her own bookstore in 1919, called Shakespeare and Company -- specialized in modern literature, and catered to the growing number of English speaking readers in Paris, or

        C. Sylvia [KF7UHM] checks in with Jessica [KF7UHK] regularly on the Insomniac-Net.

Question #2: Why was Sylvia Beach famous in literary circles?
        A. She became famous only after her death with the publication of her semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, and her collection of poetry, Ariel, or
        B. She became famous in 1921 for risking her own money and reputation by publishing James Joyce’s novel Ulysses -- which was declared too pornographic to be published, or
        C. Sylvia [KF7UHM] and Jessica [KF7UHK] like sailing, music & laser light shows, and traveling.

Question #3: How did Sylvia Beach die?
        A. After her husband left her and their two children, the last thing she wrote was a note she gave to her downstairs neighbor instructing him to call the doctor, and then she committed suicide using her gas oven, or
        B. Although her bookstore was closed in 1941 during the German occupation of Paris, she lived nearby until she died in 1962 at the age of 75 from apparent heart failure.

Sylvia [KF7UHM] and Jessica [KF7UHK] are alive and well and should be checking in during our Net tonight.
[SOURCE: LW's Super-Secret Treasure Trove of Trivia]
++ QUOTE(s) OF THE DAY ++  
        -- Molly Bloom in James Joyce Ulysses:
         "no thats no way for him has he no manners nor no refinement nor no nothing in his nature...."
PLUS the other 4,372 words in this last sentence of the book.
According to Dr Lucia Boldrini, Lecturer in English Literature at Goldsmiths College, London, the longest of the eight sentences in Molly's monologue is 4,391 words (22,000 words total). 

 [SOURCE: LW's Super-Stupid Quotes Book]
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KG6QBS    Brian
KF7QZC    Joseph
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